Woman Goes to Car, Realizes She Forgot Something, Goes Back in House to Get… Her Daughter

OK, this was kind of funny.  Kim Kardashian West, walks out of her apartment to a crowd of gathered phototaking reporters, smoothly makes her way to the car, takes off her jacket, looks around and realizes she forgot something in the house.  She then takes her jacket and goes back inside.


What did she forget?  Her keys?  her wallet?  Her phone?  Her daily medication?  Nope.  She comes back out holding her daughter North West in her arms and carries on like before as if nothing happens.  Here’s the video.


I know people are going to give her a lot of flack about it.


But at least it got resolved quickly, with no toddlers getting left “Home Alone” and no incidents of “Wet Bandits” recieving tramautic torture and permanent bodily harm.

So a happy ending.  But for those nostalgic for the more action packed version of this story, check out this vid instead.

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