The Most British Outfit in Hong Kong

I found it… in Marks and Spencer on Queens Road Central, on a men’s section mannequin… behold, the most British outfit in Hong Kong.

I’m tempted to buy this ensemble and go as Pip from “Great Expectations” to the next “dress like a literary character costume party”.

Don’t believe me that this is the most British outfit in Hong Kong?  Well, let’s break it down.

First, I found this while perusing Marks and Spencer and I think we can all agree that Marks and Spencer is British af.

Second, let’s look at the individual pieces of the outfit: the newsboy flat cap, the bow tie, sweater vest, the tweed jacket, the pants rolled up to show the ankle, brown swede shoes.

It’s like the kind of thing a fancy, posh, British man would wear while trying to look casual.  It’s the kind of thing I’d imagine a member of the royal family wearing while on holiday at a chateau.

Prince Charlie pretty much nails the look except for the bow tie.

Just to be sure that I had indeed found what I was certain of, I googled “most British outfit in Hong Kong” and found zero direct results.  So it’s a distinction that is open to be fully determined.  No one else has yet made the claim to have found a most British outfit in Hong Kong.

But what of in the rest of the world? Sure there must be an outfit more British than this somewhere out there.  So I googled “most British outfit” and this was the number one result that came back.

Most British outfit?   Close, but sorry boyo, I think the Marks and Spencer outfit I found has it beat.  Just ask Arthur Shelby from Peaky Blinders.

This dude looks like the most British man to ever have lived, and he’s pretty much wearing the same look as on this mannequin.

Have you seen an outfit more British than this one?  Let me know. Otherwise check out this article from Gentleman’s Gazette that tells all about how to look more British than you could possibly imagine.

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