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Spotted an Ugly Sonic toy in the Wild, but this One is Actually Kind of Cute

Many blocked him out of our memories, the Ugly version of Sonic the Hedgehog that burned its way into our night terrors in the first teaser trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog live action movie. Thankfully his design was changed in the wide release of the movie which, no only went on the become a… Continue reading Spotted an Ugly Sonic toy in the Wild, but this One is Actually Kind of Cute

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I Capsized a Pink Flamingo and Barely Lived to Tell the Tale

A story of man vs beast... and by beast, I mean a giant flamingo... Of course, this wasn't an actual flamingo. It was one of those big, inflatable, pool floats. You know the ones that Instagram models like taking photos atop. Kind of like this one below. Giant Inflatable Flamingo Ride On Pool Float It… Continue reading I Capsized a Pink Flamingo and Barely Lived to Tell the Tale


I got the pew pew pew

I got myself the Blade Runner style toy pistol by ArtCreativity. If you ever wanted to run around the house feeling like Rick Deckard, definitely pick up some of this pew pew pew as well. (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

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Max Payne chic at Zara

I found this ensemble displayed in Zara at IFC, Hong Kong and immediately realized something.... where have I see this outfit before? Oh yeah, that's right... Zara: Fast Fashion x slow motion shoot outs Max Payne, rogue cop out for justice. ¬†For those that don't know who Max Payne is, he's the lead character of… Continue reading Max Payne chic at Zara

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Misunderstood Lyrics – “Closer” by The Chainsmokers

Ever listen to a song, maybe even sing along with it, and something in the lyrics gets you wondering what the artist REALLY meant?  That happened to me with that song "Closer" by The Chainsmokers, featuring Halsey. For those that aren't familiar, here are The Chainsmokers... Andrew Taggert and Alex Pall. If you're still unfamiliar… Continue reading Misunderstood Lyrics – “Closer” by The Chainsmokers

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The Most British Outfit in Hong Kong

I found it... in Marks and Spencer on Queens Road Central, on a men's section mannequin... behold, the most British outfit in Hong Kong. I'm tempted to buy this ensemble and go as Pip from "Great Expectations" to the next "dress like a literary character costume party". Don't believe me that this is the most… Continue reading The Most British Outfit in Hong Kong

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Mid-Autumn Festival Faux Pas at Customs

When traveling across borders, there's always that thought that there might be a bit of miscommunication with the language differences. However, I'm not sure language is the main contributor to these little holiday travel faux pas.

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Cactus in a Tea Cup: A Love/Hate Story

It was a rainy day in Hong Kong as I tried to take my parents around town while they visited from out of town.  We dodged the rain by ducking into a ceramics shop in Sheung Wan.  The shop carried all kinds of ceramics: bowls, plates, tea sets, pots for plants, etc.   In a… Continue reading Cactus in a Tea Cup: A Love/Hate Story


Eegad! ¬†Monocles actually became a thing again?

I'll be honest, since a young age, I was always attracted to the idea of wearing a monocle. But it was more as a part of those fun filled and imaginative "pretend you're a Baron or Duke" schoolyard games from childhood. Ah the memories.


A “Quick” Kebab Before the Ferry

Was heading home from Tsim Sha Tsui.  It was 10pm and I was exhausted.  Just wanted to crash.  Figured if I caught the next ferry from TST to central, that would give me just enough time to catch a second ferry from Central to home.   10:05, the ferry wasn't at the pier yet, next… Continue reading A “Quick” Kebab Before the Ferry